Hard Nightguard

The hard acrylic-like night guard is small and  low profile yet very durable. It is generally recommended for moderate to extreme grinders/clenchers or persons suffering from TMJ.

Hard/ Soft Nightguard

This guard type combines two layers of material (a soft inside and a hard acrylic outside). It’s going to be a bit thicker than the hard acrylic guard. 

Sports Mouthguard

Provide the protection needed to prevent direct impact to the oral area

Bleaching Trays

Trays that are fit to your patient’s mouth with wells that hold bleaching material to lighten dentition.

Essix Appliances

While implants are healing and waiting for final restorations, essix appliances are an invisible way to add teeth to an implant site for daily use easily.


Hawley Retainer

Wraparound Retainer

Spring Retainer

Clear Retainer

Cetlin Appliance


Hass Expander

Thumb Habit Appliance

Rapid Palatal Expander

Invisible Retainer

lip Bumper

Lower Lingual Arch

Mandibular Hawley Appliance

Nance Appliance

Palate Expander

Space Regaining Appliance

Spring Aligner

Transpalatal Arch