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How To Take A Perfect Denture Impressions

Full and partial dentures are still a popular way to restore wholly or partially edentulous patients who do not wish to have dental implants or who are unsuitable for treatment. Here are the golden tips for perfect impression

  • Select the best fitting tray, this can help to ensure clear margins.
  • Try the tray in the mouth before taking the impression.
  • Stand in front of the patient when trying on the trays.
  • Make sure the lip fits over the anterior edge of the tray.
  • When the tray is in the mouth, wiggle it around: If it wiggles, there is room for the PVS material. If it does not wiggle, it will not have room for the PVS material.
  • If tray is too tight or small, the impression will have voids and a tight compression of the tissue that will show on the impression and pour up.
  • Load the impression and center the tray in the mouth.
  • When taking the impression:
    • Upper Arch – stand behind the patient.
    • Lower Arch- stand in front of the patient.
  • In one fluid motion push the tray:
    • Upper Arch- lightly push up into the teeth using index and middle fingers, putting equal force on right and left side from back to front.
    • Lower Arch- put in the tray and have the patient lift the tongue and then lightly push down into the teeth from back to front, using index and middle fingers putting equal force on the right and left side.
  • Fully insert tray into the mouth past the gum line, to capture gingiva margins.
  • Roll the lip over the tray.
  • Line the tray with the midline or nose of the patient, using the handle of the tray as the guide.
  • Don’t let the tray touch the teeth or push too hard:
  • If the tray touches the teeth, you will see the tray through the impression and once poured up the incisal edge of the teeth on the model will be distorted.
  • DO NOT have the patient bite down.
  • Hold the impression tray completely stable until the material is set.
  • DO NOT move the tray, while the material is setting up, this can cause the material to smear or have bubbles.
  • Remove the impression.
  • Upper Arch- pull straight down.
  • Lower Arch- pull straight up.
  • If needed, gently rock the tray side to side to loosen up the tray.
  • If the impression gets locked, have patient close the lips and blow.

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